Pre Purchase Building Inspection

The pre purchase building inspection is the first step to decide on the property. Buildings are the most expensive investments for individuals. For most of us, owning the house, is the commitment for life. Thus, poor workmanship, infestation, dumb and changing structural conditions may ruin your lifetime investment.

The pre purchase building inspections are all about information. Building inspectors provide that information in the form of reports. Although, these reports have no legal bearing, they are still official documents which must be conducted accordingly. The pre purchase inspection is a serious matter and sloppy inspector can lose his/her license.

What to Expect from The Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

The aim of the pre purchase building inspection is to look for structural integrity of the building. The inspection service provider must comply with Australian Standard AS4349.1 to perform this task. The inspector will look for evidence of dampness, rotten structures, incorrect insulation and the signs of damage. Plumbing and electrical works can also be investigated.

Most electrical and hot water pre purchase inspections are done with the infra-red thermometer. The temperature readings are very important to point out fire hazards in the incorrect wiring or plumbing. It is strongly recommended that you include the Pest and Termite check with your pre purchase building inspections. Most contractors can investigate both the building integrity and the pest invasions.

However, it is up to you to ensure that the contractor complies with the Australian Standard AS4349.3 for pest inspections. And, of course, they also need to present the certificate of currency for professional indemnity insurance. No inspector should be allowed without the appropriate insurance into your property.

Do I Legally Require to Have The Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

You do not require to have the pre purchase building inspection. Most original works done by the builder had to follow the building code. The local government, such as a council is responsible to ensure that the building follows the necessary requirements. The problem comes when you want to buy a second hand house. The properties of the building materials change over time.

For most of the cases, the change is for the worse rather than better. You can make your visual inspection. But, if you do not have the qualifications and the experience you can misjudge the overall product. The building inspector, on the other hand, will provide you with the comprehensive report about the status of your building. For this reason many lending companies and insurances require the pre purchase inspections.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection Cost

Unfortunately, no contractor will give you the precise figure of building inspection cost. There are many factors which will determine the price of the inspection. The main one is the time the inspector spends on the site and writing the building inspection report. Other aspects may include the type of the construction, pitch of the roof and the difficulty of the terrain. On average, you will pay $400-$500 for the combined building and pest inspection.

Pre Purchase Inspection Contractors

The good source of pre purchase inspections is the BuildingCentre. The organisations provides expertise not only for individuals but also for the local governments. Their pre purchase inspection service is very comprehensive and even includes Feng-Shui assessment. It is a strongly recommended business.

The ReportsDirect is another very reputable pre purchase building inspections service. ReportsDirect operates in Queensland and NSW with a strong commercial and private business model. Finally, the Australian Building Inspection Services offers an impressive selection of pre purchase inspections.