Pest Inspections

Pest inspections are vital to test the structural integrity of the building. Often, it is the combination of factors which leads to building problems and pests are one of those issues. A lot of people think that the negligence of owners lead to the pest infestation. However, this is not often the case.

The geographical location and the climatic conditions often are the main culprits for pests to inhabit your place. The mildew, rising damp and rot form favourable conditions for insects to breed. For this reason, pest inspections need to be carried regularly.

Pest Inspections Process

The pest inspections need to be thorough. It is not just the building but also the surrounding land which requires this investigation. The pest inspections reports must be delivered to the owner before protective measures are undertaken. Inspectors look for accessible timber, roof void, fences and the garden. The possibilities for pests to enter the house are many. However, it is not the visible insects but the hidden colony which needs eradication.

Pest Inspections Professionals

Pest inspections including termite inspections should be left to a qualified personnel. What's more, the eradication process should be strictly the responsibility of the licensed contractors. A lot of people act irresponsibly by trying to spray the first insect they see. In case of termites, this often forces pests to only change the location around the house. "Spray happy" behaviour seldom forces uninvited guests out of the house.

Generally, insects, arachnoids and small mammals will move to the different room and continue their destructive behaviour. The pest inspection contractor can predict the location of insects from the destruction they leave behind. These specialists do not need to see a living pest to predict its whereabouts.

Pest Inspections Prices

The prices for pest inspections vary depending on the factors such as:

  • The access to the inspected area
  • The type of the construction
  • The size of the area to inspect
  • The complexity of the infestation

Generally, the more time is needed for the inspection, the more costly is the service. What's more the complex infestation problems may require more elaborated reports. The time to write the pest inspections reports is also charged per hour.

However, there are contractors who charge per meter square of the inspected property. In either way the average price for the pest inspection is about $250-$300. For extra $100-$200 you can also include the building inspection (if needed).

Pest Inspections Follow Ups

Unfortunately, the installation of pesticides, chemical soil barrier or baits does not exclude the need for follow up inspections. Generally, you should request pest inspections every 3-6 months (for the first 2 years). For pest control warranty the minimum is one inspection every 2 years (some companies may request one every 5 years).