Building Inspectors Course

Building inspectors do require a proper training. Otherwise, the whole purpose of building inspection is useless. The building inspectors course ensure that individuals have enough training to:

  • Carry out building inspections for residential buildings
  • Inspect residential buildings during construction
  • Keep records and write reports on the building status
  • Be an expert witness in cases involving breaches of building regulations
  • Assess the conditions of the existing buildings
  • Provide and advice on the access for disabled persons

Entry Requirements For Building Inspectors

  1. One of the entry requirement for building inspectors are:
    License in either of the classes, such as:
    • Builder low rise
    • Builder medium rise
    • Builder open
    or accreditation as a:
    • Building surveyor
    • Assistant building surveyor
    • Building surveying technician
  2. The next requirement is the BSA-approved Completed Building Inspectors Course

Building Inspectors Course Providers

There are number of institutions which provide building inspectors courses. The PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspectors) is renown for their excellence in training Pest Inspectors, Termite Managers, Building Inspectors, Building Consultants, Dispute Management and Expert Witnesses.

Master Builders offer a 2 day comprehensive building inspectors course. The delivery is done face to face and provides successful candidates with a BSA license. Currently, Master Builders offers the course for the residential building inspectors. The same building inspectors course is also offered by TAFE (open learning).

However, all above courses have pre-requisites. Thus, TAFEs and Universities offer diplomas and degrees (building surveyor) which are pre-runners for licensed building inspectors. Alternatively, the building license can be sufficient to study for the building inspector. In most cases, the building license will limit the applicant to inspect only residential structures.

Building Inspectors Course Prices

The price for the building inspectors course is very fluid. Each year the costs of the education increase. The price for the residential building inspectors course in TAFE (open learning) is only $450 for a six months unit. The PPI courses can run in thousands.

However, the entire cost (for pre-requisites and the actual diploma) to become a building inspectors is very difficult to estimate. Especially, the overwhelming fees of the pre-requisite courses at Universities or TAFEs are budget breakers. Thus, you may need to spend thousands before paying for the actual building inspection diploma. Nevertheless, there is plenty of governmental funds to assists with the cost of the study.