Building Inspectors

Building inspectors have a serious duty to ensure that all buildings (we take so often for granted) are safe. They also provide the construction industry with an expertise to channel only those projects which are acceptable for communities. The job description of building inspectors is to perform building inspections on residential buildings. Although this sounds like and incompetent position for a politician, in reality these guys do have serious responsibilities (contrary to politicians, they are also accountable for it). The responsibilities of building inspectors are multiple and serious.

Building Inspectors Duties

Building inspectors have duties such as:

  • Carry out building inspections
  • Inspect residential buildings during construction
  • Write reports on building progress
  • Assess conditions of the existing buildings
  • Act as an expert witnesses in court cases involving breaches of building regulations

Building Inspectors Qualifications

Building inspectors are certainly not the Joe-Bloke who knows something about bricking. It is a serious profession which carries legal implications. The residential, independent building inspectors have very little powers to enforce the building regulations on the builders or owners.

However, their main job is to inform and this information must be correct. To become a building inspector you need to complete a diploma in building inspection. The building inspector course already assumes that the applicant has an extensive background in the building industry (a licensed builder or an accredited surveyor).

How to Request Independent Building Inspectors?

Building inspectors provide services for the council as well as for private contractors. There are many organisations which offer an independent building inspector service. Most building inspectors throughout the Australian states will follow similar building codes.

Building inspectors Brisbane branch can also provide services for Victoria. Similarly, building inspectors Melbourne wide can work for Sydney clients. The same flexibility applies to building inspector Sydney can offer. The good source of the quality independent building inspectors are:

  • Building Centre
  • Reports Direct
  • Australian Building Inspection Services

These services are not the cheapest but certainly a good value for money.

Building Inspectors Brisbane

The building inspectors Brisbane can offer are:

  • Brisbane Building and Pest Inspection
  • Building Inspection Services Queensland
  • JHA Australia

All of the above building inspectors Brisbane wide provide a comprehensive range of services. They also include the pest inspections as the standard service. JHA has a very good experience in pre-purchase consultations.

Building Inspectors Melbourne

The building Inspectors Melbourne offers, have a good selection of independent building inspectors. The good "brands" in the field are:

  • Buy-Wise Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections
  • Metrospect Building and Pest Inspections
  • Victorian House Inspections
  • Melbourne Property Inspections

All of the above contractors have a decent reputation in the building and pest inspection services. Buy Wise has an extensive expertise in pre-purchase building inspections.

Building Inspector Sydney

A good building inspector Sydney can provide comes from the following businesses:

  • Building Reports NSW
  • Building Inspection Services
  • SGS Building Services
  • Diamond Network Services

All the above contractors have an extensive experience in the building and pest inspection services. What's more, the professional reports from Building Reports NSW and Building Inspection Services are ideal for insurance and home loan applications.